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"Strategy for the development of traditional and alternative medicine" in the field of primary health care

October 26, 2018, Kiev, Ukraine

 A scientific forum with international participation was organized:

Association of Practitioners of Traditional and Alternative Medicine of Ukraine;

Department of Medical Fundamental Problems;

Academy of Sciences of Ukraine;

National Scientific Medical Library of Ukraine;

Kiev Medical University "Dnipro Medical Institute of Traditional and Alternative Medicine".

Forum topic was

Modern theoretical and practical aspects of the solution implementation sequence

“Strategy for the development of traditional and alternative medicine” in the field of primary health care.

The event was also attended by the Ukrainian Association of Ayurveda - Yoga.

The urgent need to introduce alternative medicine is necessary at the present stage of the economic and social situation in Ukraine, said Association Chairman Kundan Sandwar and added: “regardless of origin and time, any knowledge that is useful for human well-being must be adopted and implemented. knowledge of nature, and humanity is nature itself, so there is no point in trying to separate water drops from the ocean."

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Kundan Sandvar and Skubko Oleksiy awarded the certificate of honorary membership to the founder of the “Association of Practitioners of Traditional and Alternative Medicine of Ukraine”,

Ms. GARNIK TATYANA (Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Ukraine, Head of the Department of Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy and Bioenergy Medicine at Kiev Medical University. "


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