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The "Ukrainian Association of Ayurveda-Yoga" unites Ukrainian citizens of different nationalities and faiths on the basis of common interests with the aim of improving and preserving the health of the nation.

Our aim to support the Ayurvedic concept of health, its adaptation to living conditions in Ukraine, the development and popularization of Ayurveda and Yoga in Ukraine.

We will make all our efforts to create a healthy lifestyle in accordance with national traditions, to develop benevolent respect for human life, the ways of development of each human personality.

We will try to create conditions for the growth of healthy children, the safety of life and healthy longevity, and defend the freedom of choice of each person for the methods of his treatment.

Ayurveda doctors & specialists, 

Yoga Instructors

Ayurveda and Yoga Teaching Centres of Ukraine


This platform will allow all those interested in studying, deepening, improving the knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine to communicate with each other and discuss topical issues of diagnosis, treatment and disease prevention.  

We  wellcome your proposals and initiatives!


Non Governmental Organization 

"Ukrainian Association of Ayurveda-Yoga"

Ukraine, Kyiv, 04208, Prosp. Vasyl Porika, 9.

E-mail: contact@uaay.org

Tel: +38 (098)-886-93-67; +38 (063)-862-49-38

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